I’m Keepin’ It Renal

This program is for those diagnosed with Kidney Disease.

In this program you will learn how to,

  • Awaken Your Inner Warrior
  • Develop Effective & lasting coping skills.
  • Receive a crystal clear step by step plan to transition to a Renal Diet.
  • Double Your Energy
  • Improve Your Sleep

While building confidence and creating lasting habit change and much more.

We are Keepin’ It Renal

This program is for parents whose child is diagnosed with Kidney Disease.

This program includes everything from Keepin It Renal plus the following,

  • Learning how to live with the disease
  • Teaching your child about their disease
  • Finding the right support for you as a Parent

Please be Advised, my role as a Kidney Wellness Coach is to help clients achieve their optimum potential in life through habit change & goal setting. As well as support my clients through their incredible journey. I don’t & can’t diagnose, treat or cure any type of Kidney Disease. Always seek Medical Advice from a Doctor for proper diagnosis.

As for Special Diets, I help you transition on to a diet that has been advised by a Dietitian, Nutritionist, and/or Doctor. Any diet changes should be discussed with your Dietitian or Doctor first.

I’m a Trained Chef as well and have experience cooking with Special Diets, such as Renal, Pre-Renal Failure & Dialysis (both Hemo & Peritoneal) and more. In my programs I teach you how to cook on a Special Diet as an added bonus.