About Me

Hello, I’m Natalie

My Story

I was diagnosed as a child with Polycystic Kidney Disease. As I grew older and progressed into later stages, I went into a renal program catered for those who are in pre-renal failure. This is where I had to change my diet to renal friendly foods. At the age of 26, I went on Peritoneal Dialysis. Having to learn how the dialysis worked, how to adjust to my new diet and coming to terms with my situation was overwhelming. My previous career in the culinary world helped me immensely with my new diet.

However, I still struggled with the stress of managing my disease. One thing the doctors and the nurses don’t tell you is the mental toll this disease can take on you. I struggled for a long time with stress and anxiety. Over time, I learned effective coping strategies and found the right support. Never letting my disease dictate who I am or what I’m capable of.

When I was 30, I received my first transplant. That alone was a life event I will never forget. Was it hard to mentally prepare for an organ transplant? yes. Was it scary to think about what could go wrong? yes. Was it something I could handle and get through? yes. I’m 2,5 years post transplant and living life to the fullest while spreading the message of empowerment and hope.

What is a kidney wellness coach?

A health coach who helps those with kidney disease and kidney failure reach full potential in their lives. Through healthy habit changes that last, while providing guidance and personal support along the way.

I chose to become a kidney wellness coach with one goal in mind: Empowering others who feel overwhelmed with Chronic Kidney Disease.